Welcome back to Camp Yonahlossee! Founded by Dr. and Mrs. A.P. Kephart (Kep and Keppie)
in 1922, it was the oldest girls' camp in North Carolina for over 6 decades.

This Website is dedicated to the Spirit of Yonahlossee, Miss Agnes Jeter 2/22/08 - 6/11/05

Known as JETE to thousands of girls who made their second home on the mountainside near Blowing Rock, N.C.,
she passed away on June 11, 2005, at the age of 97.
You can see pictures, articles, tributes, her obituary and her Final PowWow on The Jete Page.

Cassie McArthur Broadway, a counselor in 1945, wins the CY Staff sweatshirt,
kindly donated by Katie Harris, daughter of our oldest Camper, Kitty Kiker Harris

The 90th Anniversary of Camp Yonahlossee was observed June 7-9, 2013! The Racquet Club hosted a reception for us on Friday evening, and there was a BBQ luncheon, and campfire/party on Saturday. Sunday morning was assembly/vespers at the stone seats. SPECIAL GUEST was Anton DiSclafani, author of the blockbuster novel "The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls." We met Anton and attended her book signing Saturday afternoon at the Inn. Lucy Henry was the incomparable chair of this event. We cannot thank her enough, along with the welcoming Yonahlossee Homeowners group. Enjoy the shared photos here on Lucy's site.

A beautiful Camp tribute was made by Martha Weeks Daniel in the form of a slide show,
with pictures gathered from the 80's, just prior to the Camp's closing. Enjoy the music and the memories!

Join over 500 Camp Yonahlossee Alumnae on Facebook! See reunion pictures and share your memories!

Enjoy photos from previous reunions at these links: June 7-9, 2002 , and June 5-7, 1998

By clicking on this DIRECTORY link, you will find all known e-mail addresses of Yonahlossee girls.
Please make sure YOUR e-mail address is up to date.

Take a walk down Memory Trail, with pictures from the past.
Here are contemporary photos of some legends, beautiful scenery, and celebrating "Sisters".

Were you a Chippewa, Croatan, Tuscarora, or Shawano? Re-visit the Sunday night Pow Wow ritual here.
NEW! The origin of the WaTaHo has been discovered!!

Do you feel like singing? This song page, including blessings and a dazzling photo, might bring back a few memories.....

If you went rappelling with Marty in the late 70's, this page is for you!

In September, 2008, after a visit to Yonahlossee, I created a page called Then and Now,
with reminders of what was and pictures to show you what Camp is like today

What was Camp like in the Kepharts' day? Check out these pages from 1927 and 1936! And here is an interview with CY's first campers back in 1922.

Questions about where to send your daughter or granddaughter to Camp?
Here are several NC camps for girls that come personally recommended by Yonahlossee alumnae.

Remember Frank, our beloved Camp caretaker, Luxury Tour driver, and fix-it man? (His picture is on the Jete page.)
Well, here are wonderful letters from his grandchildren, who would love to hear from those of you who knew him.

At last! A home for our treasured papers and photos! Dr. Fred Hay, professor and librarian at Appalachian State University, has kindly offered to archive our Camp items that need to be preserved. Contact him at or mail your items, with names and dates, to him at ASU Box 32026 Boone, NC 28608-2026, See the link at Camp Yonahlossee Collection You are also welcome to visit our special collection when on the ASU campus. Sincerest thanks to former Camper Dr. Betsy Alden and to Dr. Hay for making this possible!

As most of you know, our beloved Camp grounds are now the Yonahlossee Resort, Inn, & Racquet Club. On their website,
they have graciously provided a history of our Camp, so I am reciprocating with this link to them.
Also, I wrote stories of my memories of my ten years at CY for their Homeowners' newsletter, reprinted here.

The previous home of our founders, the Kepharts, is now the wonderful Gamekeeper Restaurant.
Stop by for a unique meal or visit the bar, where old movies of Camp are still shown nightly!

Wish you had CY gear? Lucy Henry has made it possible! Visit her merchandise page at Camp Yonahlossee Memories

Click here to see/purchase the beautiful painting of the weaving cabin created by Julia Johns Allen,
a camper in the 50's who now lives in Blowing Rock. Julie was Chippewa chief and Spirit, and her love of Camp
shines through in this remarkable art work, which she is making available as note cards or prints.

Here's our beloved old waterfall, as it looked June, '98.


"Did you come around that corner with tears in your eyes? Eager to fly from the car and renew old ties?

Did you know every crevice of every path, and believe that those summer would always last?

When the supper bell rang, and you heard the call, did you tarry just long enough to play tether ball?

And the sacred secrets we kept as a tribe of sisters who grew up side by side.

Like those films that are slow and in black and white, I can see those pictures when I close my eyes.

We spit watermelon seeds and assemblied together. We took "bear hunts" and lost Ollie forever.

We grew up in the places that God lives in, in creeks and on mountains, amidst flowers and friends.

Would you be who you are if you hadn't those days? We were rich "little ladies" in so many ways.

So hold tight to those memories, they're never far gone. And that way we'll know, Yonahlossee lives on."

Sally Jeter Hammond 5/7/95

The Camp bell, now on the porch of Jete's Retreat

Grandfather, in all his glory

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