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Cocoa Beach Essentials

You're considering a vacation to our beautiful Cocoa Beach and wondering what to bring? Cocoa Beach has loads of activities including fishing and the great outdoors , but the main attraction is God made and merely relaxing and fun. The beach is what our area is about! Living in Cocoa Beach and worshiping the sun daily, I've compiled a list of essentials that our family considers "must haves" when going to the sand and waves.  I rarely sit on the beach and soak up the sun, but we do surf and attend beachside events regularly. Some of our favorite times to visit the beach is early in the morning for sunrises, boat races, surf contest, and many other impromptu events. We treat each occasion on the sand with a minimalist mindset. Surfing When surfing, I always bring a change of clothes for the car ride home and water to rehydrate. Keeping surfboard wax, combs, and leashes in a dedicated bag with sunscreen and rashguards are preferred. Car keys and othe

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