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gina bradley
Gina Bradley

You have stumbled upon me somehow and I guess you are interested in knowing a bit about me. "I lead a small life - well, valuable, but small" yes, I had to steal that quote from the movie, "You've Got Mail", one of my all-time favorites!

The most important part of my life is my husband and our two girls. I'm a bit of old fashion tradition when it comes to family. With Christ being the center of my life, I met and married my husband in church. We had two girls which I was fortunate to stay at home to raise while having the ability to keep my mind sharpened tending to various aspects of our self-employed business.

Staying active is me, it's 2019, although we are newly empty-nesters, I still find plenty to keep myself going with not a dull moment around.

I love doing most anything outdoors, from fishing, surfing, sports, camping to gardening. In my late 40's I learned to surf! I've got to have the sun shining on me and can get a bit cranky if there are too many days of gloomy skies.

Cooking, baking and sewing is something I enjoy as well.  I'm not a gourmet chef but I am consistent at preparing meals most every night and stay to a healthy eating lifestyle. I am fortunate that my mom taught me how to do these things.

Blogging is a bit new to me so I will have to take time to sit down. By the way, in the last year, I have learned to sit and read some, for being a person who likes moving it's a great feat to be still and finish a few books! Keeping active every day, having goals and projects is something that my life looks for.

As I post and share you will learn more about the person I am, my family and the things I enjoy doing.

captain richard bradley
My Husband Richard Bradley

Richard's an incredible man, of course, I married him! His passions in life are great, he loves our family, he's a true outdoorsman, and he's extremely creative with a personality that keeps you on your toes.

He truly is my best friend and we enjoy spending our days together. As a full-time fishing guide, he loves what he does for a living and so do I!

My Girls, Savannah and Mekenzie

My girls are both remarkable young woman. Beautiful and smart, they live their life with much love and joy. They value life itself, work diligently and enjoy adventures along the way.

Nothing makes me happier as a mother than to see both Savannah and Mekenzie growing up and making their way in life.


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